Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Glass Cups

By Stephany Benitez, age 11, San Pablo, California


One cold autumn morning I woke up and saw my dad staring at me with his short black hair and his brown and white flannel shirt. I saw in his dark brown eyes that today was a great day to clean the garage.

“Wake up Steph. We gotta clean out the garage. Let’s go to the kitchen and eat breakfast first.”

When we finished eating, my dad and I started to take out several garbage bags and empty boxes from the garage. Suddenly, he told me to put on Spanish music. While he was dancing he started giving me wet white towels to take the dust out of the glass cups.

After I was done with that, I put the nice and shiny glass cups on the wooden counter. We eventually finished our cleaning.

Suddenly, we heard a crack on the wooden counter. I noticed that was where I put the glass cups. My dad and were like two statues. The glass cups were tilting.

My dad and I had no idea if the glass cups were going to fall or not fall. So, my dad was trying to decide if he should yell at me for leaving the glass cups like that or go grab the counter so the glass cups wouldn’t fall over.

Eventually, my dad decided to grab the counter and then yell at me. I was so relieved that the glass cups didn’t fall because I would’ve gotten into more trouble than what I was already in.

After that happened my dad came and told me “to be more careful with stuff that can easily break.” I said “Ok.” Then my dad invited some friends over to see if they liked how we cleaned. After that my dad gave me a huge hug.

From that moment I knew my dad had solved my problem. Eventually days passed by and that never happened again. Well, let’s just say almost never.