Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Greatest Treasure

By Brian Ridgley, age 11, Louisiana, USA


During Hurricane Katrina, my house flooded and my family lost many items, including clothes, jewelry, photos, and so much more. My grandpa and I were the only ones at home at the time because my sisters and my mom were in the 6th Ward. We had to head to the New Orleans Superdome and we left the house before it completely flooded. Many of our family photos were lost during Hurricane Katrina, except for one. It was a picture of me and my sisters. I was a baby, Kalyn, my older sister, was six years old, and Yasmine, my oldest sister, was 11 years old. When we went back to the house, the water had dissipated. Everything was scattered around and out of place. The only remaining photo was of me and my sisters. My mom has had it ever since and she cherishes it. The picture will always be the greatest treasure to my family, especially my mom.