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The Innovation of Television

By Jessica Johnson, Contributing Writer


A family comes together all at the spark of a television set. Whether it’s a family movie night or a family show get together, the television manages to bring people together for a good time. This is one invention that has lasted for a long period. Starting in the 1900s the first television set was used. Experiments by people who worked with electricity and radio led to the ideas that sprouted into the first television. When television started out, it was not in color as we see it today. Back then, having a television with color was expensive and considered a luxury. The idea of colored television began in 1904, yet it took until 1966 for TV programs to start making their shows fit the color innovation. Not many programs started off with color but as time progressed it became the norm for the average television set.

The public first started to use mechanical television but then continued on to electronic television which turned out to be an instant hit. Classic family sitcoms, soaps, and other shows have changed society in dramatic ways. TV shows brought up issues that were hard to talk about in real life and they made shocking or unthinkable revelations. For example, “Star Trek” showed the extraordinary world of what an ideal future would be like. In “I Love Lucy” people felt that marrying someone outside of your social group is not out of the norm, and it let people find a way to relate. Lucy also broke free from her typical life at home, which has obviously made a change in the way woman treat themselves and it motivated women to gain more confidence. Even shows like Sesame Street started to teach kids numbers, letters, and more. Now there are shows like “The Little Einsteins” and “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” that continue to do so, helping kids learn and develop faster.

It all started from simple TV shows and movies, that our society changed into a more open and advanced community. Without television, improvements would probably be slower, and less people would be informed about world events. Technology continues to improve as we have developed flat screen televisions and we have options like “On Demand”, and DVDs where we can quickly insert a small disk and watch a movie right in the comfort of our very own home.  Although many take television for granted, let alone, colored television, it’s an amazing innovation that has changed the way we think about and view the world around us.


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