Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Keys

By Moises Villanueva, Age 11, California


It was a pleasantly peaceful day playing video games in my room. My phone suddenly rang and frightened me. It was my good friend Dave.

“Hello,” I said.

“Can you help me get into my house?” Dave asked.


“Because I forgot my keys in my house.”

“Ok. I’ll be right over.”

When I got there I saw my chubby friend Dave. He looked exhausted like he spent the whole day trying to get in the house. He told me to climb on his back and go into his house through an open window.

Suddenly, a cop with a deep voice tapped Dave on his shoulder.

“Hey! What are you two doing near that window?” the cop yelled.

I thought that we were about to go to jail.

“We are trying to get into my house because I forgot my keys in the house,” Dave answered.


The cop let us go.

Moments later another policeman came. He also thought we were breaking into Dave’s house.

“Hey!  What are you two boys doing over there?”

“We are trying to get into my house because I forgot my keys,” Dave answered.

“I don’t believe you!” the cop yelled.

“I can’t go to jail!  I am too young,” I shouted.

The cop didn’t listen to us. He grabbed both of us by the arm, put us in the back of his squad car, and started to drive us to jail.

Then suddenly from the intercom we heard an announcement for all the police to hear.

“Calling all units…calling all units. Go to the riot at Central Park…Go to the riot at Central Park,” they announced.

“I will drop you two off at the front desk.  The receptionist will let you use your cellphones to call your parents,” the cop said.

He took us to the main office. When I glanced at some of the metal bars of the jail cells from a distance, I became really frightened.

“I hope I’ll never, ever, be behind bars,” I whispered to Dave.

“Me, too.”

The receptionist allowed us to call our parents. Dave called his mom first.

“Mom, can you pick us up from jail?” Dave cried.

“What? What did you do this time, mijo?” she yelled.

“I forgot my keys in the house,” Dave said.

“Ok.  I will be there soon.”

Dave’s mom picked us up and drove us to her house. Since Dave was talking to his mom, he asked me to run inside and grab his keys on the kitchen table.

When I got back to the car, my mom called me on my cellphone.

“Moises, did you remember to lock the front door to our house!?” she yelled.

“I forgot.”

“Someone could have broken in our house!?”

“But they didn’t, right?”

My mom laughed.

I looked at Dave.  He looked at me.  We both laughed.

I realized that I’d never forget this crazy day.