Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Mesmerizing Canyon

By Joe Elkahla, age 13, Ohio


I woke up in the harsh, damp weather of the shining Grand Canyon. My ears rang from the screeching of the group leader yelling to get up. I got up as fast as I could, hoping I was going to do something fun today. I heard the apprentice yelling for people to get on the boat. As I was still trying to wake up, I smelled the fresh air just like the roses in my aunt’s garden. The group leader made us all get on the raft and then we immediately left.

When we arrived at our destination it turned out that they both were just playing a trick on us and wanted to surprise us with a beautiful glistening waterfall. We were all very jubilant as we saw the waterfall. We all wanted to go up to it and prance in it. We were required to climb up big rocks and hike little distances in order to get to the waterfall, but it was really worth it.

We left the waterfall and set up camp around the corner from it. My Grandma handed me a tent and said, “You do it yourself I want you to learn some things.”
I take 30 minutes to set up the tent and tried to make it perfectly symmetrical. However, when my Grandma and I were about to get in it, it fell over. We sighed and my Grandma walked over to the other family’s tent and sat down perfectly stationary. So I knew I had to do it over again, and I took about 5 minutes to set up the tent with my previous knowledge. I also added some sticks to the top of the tent for some decoration. As the tent swayed, I was required to put some weight on the edges of the tent. So I put two rocks on each side of the tent. My Grandma walked over and was very impressed. That really inspired me to keep learning new things.

When my Grandma and I woke up, there was already breakfast waiting for us. There was a mixed variety of different foods on the table such as, bacon, beef jerky, eggs, and sausage.

After we ate breakfast we got on the boat where we floated down the river. The group leader told us all that we were going to hit the biggest rapid today. After about 5 minutes we saw ginormous crashing waves and the biggest wave everybody had ever seen. As we entered the rapid everybody was thrown around but luckily nobody was thrown off the boat. As we came up to the biggest wave in the rapid, the group leader said “Get Down!!!!” and everybody ducked. The wave almost overcame the boat but we managed to stay down. I got flown back as the impact hit. The group assistant pulled me back up so I didn’t fly off the boat. After the rapid was over, everybody was confused about what had happened.

We set up camp near the exit of the canyon. Our whole group played many games and told campfire stories as the nightfall snuck up on us. In the morning everybody was eating breakfast sadly because we had to go home that day.

When everybody was required to go onto the boat, the group leader said, “We will have one more awesome sight to see before we send you guys home.”

As the group awaited the surprise we all got very excited. When we finally saw it, we were truly amazed. We saw a big glass cliff where we could see people gazing over the edge at us. As we reached the end of the canyon, we were all very sad. Everybody got onto a Metro bus which was over 20 feet long with cushioned seats that reclined and mini televisions so people could watch a movie. The bus drove us out of the canyon towards home. The mesmerizing canyon had given us an adventure to remember.