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The Philippine Eagle

By Madisen Garcia, Contributing Writer


The Philippine eagle is a beautiful and majestic bird that lives in the forests of the Philippines. It is incredibly rare due to deforestation. They are so endangered, in fact, that killing one of these birds is a punishable offense that could lead to up to 12 years in jail. There are thought to be roughly 500 left in the world as of 2016. Currently, there are many scientists trying to breed these beautiful birds but to no avail. The main concern is how many birds there are in the wild that need help. Since nesting only occurs once every two years while laying only one egg, it is difficult for their numbers to increase in the wild.

But with some methodical breeding, scientists hope to bring their population number back up.

These birds are vital to the ecosystem, which is why so many people would be devastated if they went extinct. Without these magnificent birds, their main prey, monkeys, would overrun villages and destroy crops! On top of their important role in nature, they are also the national bird of the Philippines, so if they went extinct, their national bird would be gone!

So, as you can see these birds are very important to a lot of people, and you can do your part by donating to the Philippine Eagle Foundation.