Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Purple Retainer

By Davi Jacobs, Contributing Writer


I bet you don’t think a purple retainer would make a lasting memory. But I have a story to tell you. It was the third grade and time for lunch. I meant to bring a retainer case with me since I was buying lunch, but it just slipped my mind. So, I put my retainer into a napkin on my tray and started eating. An engrossing conversation started between my friends and me. I threw my tray away when I was done, and what was still on it? My retainer! Before I realized what I just did, it was too late—a small napkin with an even smaller object inside could be lost forever in a messy trash bin. Tears came to my eyes, and people started coming towards me, including a lunch aide. People at Beall (my elementary school) have always been so helpful when someone has a problem. The lunch aide told me I was going to have to wear gloves and look, along with two other helpers. All three of us searched everywhere, from a half-eaten pizza on a plate to a raisin. Still nothing. I went to the nurse to call my mom, who got off work, stopped at my house to get gloves, and came to school. It was already the end of the day, but my mom, dad, sister, and I had to keep looking. The lunch aides brought trash bags out and told us we were going to have to search outside. So my family had to search outside, where everyone could see us, looking through trash bags like scavengers. Luckily, a bad memory can end well, as mine did. After what seemed like hours looking through moldy apples and cheese, my dad found my retainer, and we went home. But first, of course, the retainer was scrubbed and washed thoroughly before being placed back into my mouth. I will always remember this time in my life because I was taught a lesson—to never, ever be careless around meaningful and expensive objects and also to value my parents’ money.