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The Reason We Need More Compassionate People in the World

By Daniel Jarquin, age 11, CA


Have you ever felt compassionate about someone or something? We can all relate that at least once in our life we’ve felt compassion. Being compassionate is a good thing to do, proving that being compassionate can help us in the 7th grade. In this essay I’ll be talking about some examples of compassion like “Shells” by Cynthia Rylant, or how people can feel compassion, and finally I’ll be talking about why we should be compassionate.

First of all, sometimes you might not feel compassion for someone but later on you do. When you see someone getting bullied and don’t care, but later on you see them getting bullied again, then you might feel compassion for them. For example in the story “The Shells” the aunt doesn’t feel compassion for Michael, but later on she does. The reason she does is because she sees that the pet crab is lonely and finally realized that Michael is also lonely so she starts feeling compassion. You might feel the same way for someone in the 7th grade. It’s like saying you don’t like something even though you never tried it. It’s always the right thing to do to feel compassionate in 7th grade, so if there’s a kid getting bullied you can help them. This shows that people’s heart can change.

Another thing to consider is how you might feel compassion. When you see someone get bullied or someone not get loved by anyone, then you might feel compassion. For instance, you might not get loved by anyone maybe not even your own family. Or you might get bullied. In these cases someone might feel compassion for you, or in other words they might feel sorry. This would make you known for being a nice friend, and you can have a lot of friends yourself. Being compassionate can make you a lot of friends and being compassionate is as easy as pie. Maybe even you might be in these cases where you feel compassion towards someone/something.

Finally, I’ll be talking about why we should be compassionate next year. While not being compassionate might be easier it’s not good. For example, have you ever felt lonely? It’s good to be compassionate because maybe there’ll be kids who are afraid. It’s best to be compassionate because you might know how it feels to be new and afraid. You wouldn’t want this to happen to them. So the best thing to do would to be their friend so they feel more confident. This demonstrates that you should be compassionate.

Some people think you shouldn’t feel compassion for someone. They argue that it’s not a good thing all the time. They also say that sometimes they can trick you. In addition they think that sometimes it might be a trap. But in my judgement I think that these arguments are just plain wrong. First of all it’s never a bad thing to feel compassion for someone. In addition you can tell if they are faking right away and if you don’t then just ignore them and report them to authority like a teacher.

There are many examples of stories or moments i’ve felt compassion for someone, but I only mentioned a few. One wonders why you might feel compassion. Maybe one day we will get to know the reason why we feel compassion in our hearts. Who knows? They might come out with a reason why. If you ever get the chance maybe you can try to find the reason yourself.