Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Six Flags Adventure

By Lizbeth Godinez, age 11, Richmond, CA


It was a sunny afternoon when my older brother Ricky and I were sitting in the back seat of my dad’s black truck. We were so excited! It was our first time going to Six Flags. While we backed out of our driveway, I rolled down the window.


Ricky looked at me like I was crazy and smiled.

The drive to Six Flags wasn’t long since we lived near the freeway. As we passed the bridge, I knew we were getting close. I told Ricky, “What ride should we go on first?”

Rickey replied, “Maybe all of them!”

As we sat in the car I was wearing a pink blouse with leggings. I had tied my hair into a braid. My brother was wearing a black t-shirt with shorts on. Ricky was eleven and I was 8 years old. “Liz, we’re finally going to six flags!” he told me.

We got off the freeway and entered the parking lot. It took us about twenty minutes to find parking. As we walked to the park, I remembered that there was a Christmas special planned for that day. I could smell popcorn and hear screaming people on roller coasters.  Also I saw an area with snow that looked like shaved ice.

My dad said, “Let’s go to the gift shop first.” Rickey and I looked at all the toys. Our eyes looked like giant snow balls. Our dad said we can only get one thing. We ran to the area with all the plush toys. I picked out my favorite Looney Toon, Tweety Bird. When Rickey and I turned back around, we couldn’t see our parents anymore.

Ricky said, “Hold my hand and stay close to me.” I was so scared that my face looked like a tomato. We got worried. We had no phone or anything to contact our parents with, so we stayed where we were. Ten minutes later we saw a guy with the same clothing as my dad. We ran to him, but it turned out that his face looked nothing like my dad’s: he had a big mole.

I said, “Shouldn’t we go try to find mom and dad?!”

“No, let them find us,” Rickey replied.

We walked a couple of steps and saw nothing. Couple of minutes later – nothing. I tried to imagine where they could be. I wondered if we would ever see them again.

My brother said, “Follow me.” I walked by his side to the food court. I could smell all sorts of foods, like corn dogs, hot dogs, and pizza.

I kept repeating to myself, “Just keep looking.”

Finally we saw my parents by the aquarium. I ran to my parents and hugged them as hard as I could.

My dad said, “We were looking for you guys everywhere!”

Then we got on the roller coasters. At first my stomach felt like it had a thousand butterflies in it, but eventually I became used to it. I got tired of the roller coasters and so did my mom, so we went to the store while my dad and brother got on a bunch more roller coasters…

Then we went to the food court to eat dinner. We ordered pizza. It was so big! After we ate, we went to the aquarium. It had so many colorful fish! I said, “It looks pretty in here like a rainbow threw up!”

We finished the day by playing some arcade and carnival games. Then we left that area and sat down on a bench to watch the fireworks! We were all so tired when we walked back to the car and drove home. My brother and I were very tired, but we didn’t want to leave. We fell asleep in the car.