Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Tightrope of Terror

By Alyssa De Haven


Snap!”, it was a picture perfect day, sun rays were beaming against my face. There wasn’t a cloud in sight, and the sky was a shade of turquoise. My hands shaking, I watched  as people on the tightrope shivered uncontrollably. My mom stood next to me. Her smile and words comforted me. I watched as employees strapped kids into their harnesses. Click, Click, Click, it sounded like a loud clock ticking. Slowly the line moved making me closer to the beginning.

I whispered quietly to my Mom,”I’m scared.” Squeezing my shoulders, she said, ”It will be just fine.” It really will be alright, I thought. An employee stomped in my direction with loud steps. The belts that were wrapped around me were so tight I felt like I was being squeezed. My mom stepped off to the side so the man could do his job. On the sidelines my mom gave me the thumbs-up sign. I watched as the man’s calloused hands moved quickly. Then I was done being strapped in. I felt the smooth wood floor under my feet. Step after step I climbed my way up the stairs. I looked over the railing at the open ocean. The smell of sea water was carried with the breeze. With my mom beside me I didn’t feel nervous at all. The line of people felt like it was moving as slow as a tortoise. Eventually, I was yards away from the tightrope. My mom went back down to get the best photo of me.

A gust of wind swept over me. Even though the sun was shining peacefully, the wind was wild. Then in front of me was the tightrope. It was calling my name.  My head turned to look at the ground and I saw my dad staring up at me. Now it was double the people watching me. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me.  One foot in front of the other, I made my way out farther and farther from the platform. I went out all the way to the middle. I heard the snap of a camera. I had done it, I had faced the Tightrope of Terror.