Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Time I Helped a Lost Kitten

By Nwall Almotarreb, Age 11, California


It was a Friday there was trees and houses. All you could hear was the birds chirping. It was really hot the only smell is the fresh clean air. Everybody was as happy as kids getting the present on Christmas.

The story is about a little kitten the size of your palm. She had fur as brown as brownies, eyes as black as a cave, and her eyes seem to be saying “help me I’m stuck.”

I was walking around the thick trees when I saw a group of kids surrounding a gate; I went to go see what it was. It was a little kitten crying for help. Its eyes seem to be saying “help me my leg were stuck”. After I untied it from the gates everyone left. All I heard was nothing but complaints. It was it was still hot maybe about 80 or 70 degrees. But the problem was that it was sore and cut. Her eyes seem to be saying, “Aw my leg hurts!”

A short time later, there was wind blowing through the trees, and leaves falling. Children were playing. Everybody was as hot as an oven. The sun the sun was smiling down at us.

After two weeks the kitten wasn’t a kitten no more she was a big cat she could run, climb, drink, and eat. Now she changed. She has green and black fur. Ever since I got her a squeaky toy she always tinkers with it. Finally she can fit in with the rest of the cats.