Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Time I Helped an Animal

By Horacio Palacios, Age 11, California


It was 2:40 p.m. when I was getting out of school. The summer was ending and my sister was waiting for me out side. Then I saw my sister holding a pup, while she was talking to my aunt who was waiting for my ten-year-old cousin.

“Whose pup is it”? I said interrupting, their conversation.

Then that’s when she said how she saw the pup and how it was about to get run over. Then the pup started to run to a person that was nearby, so my sister thought it was theirs. After she was at my school, she saw our principal Mr. Gonzales outside like a guard dog protecting the school. Mr. Gonzales was an average man who always wore white buttoned shirt with dark khaki pants.

Mr. Gonzales held the pup. “What are you going to do with it?”

My sister asked, wondering if that was the one she saw.

“I’m going to call the animal shelter,” he responded.

“No, no, I’ll take it” she replied. She said it was going to be my early birthday present since she was not going to be here because she was going to leave to college soon.

“My brother loves animals,” she said. She also said how I always want the best for them to have a good home and owner. The last comment she said about me was I love animals than anybody else.

“Who’s your brother”? The principal said

“Horacio, Horacio Palacios,” my sister replied.

“Oh the vet,” he said. “I know him, as the vet.”

He mentioned how I would always talk about how, when I grow up, I’m going to be a vet. I would always say how I would always help animals and how I would give them a good home. When I saw the pup with her black fur and brown spots, I saw her eyes and they seemed be saying, “I’m scared.”

When my dad arrived, my sister and I said, “Bye!” to my aunt and the principal, and got in the car. When we got home I held her while my sister got ready some worm water because we were going to give her bath. When we gave her a bath, we gave her food and I played with her. I guess I learned everything from my sister because she always taught me to take care of my animals and to treat them with respect, and even when you’re sad, the one that will be there is your mom dad or even your pet.

When we took the pup to smell the house and rooms, we went outside so the pup would smell our husky. All of a sudden, my husky smelled the pup and immediately, she wanted to bite. She wanted to bite the pup, but I didn’t let her. Probably, she smelled that the pup was also a girl so my sister and I went inside the house. Before we knew it, it was time to go take my sister to work.

When we got home, my grandma told us that our husky got into the house and tried to bite the pup so my mom said that we had to take the defenseless pup to the shelter and that we couldn’t keep her. I was as sad as a husky kid knowing there’s no cake, but at least we got to help her and I knew I was able to help.

The next day when I got home, I didn’t find her and that’s when I knew she was gone.