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The Time I Helped an Old Lady

By Danny Cortez, Age 11, California


One afternoon on October 31, 2012, I was at the store. I saw a lot of traffic and people. I could hear the people saying, “Hurry up!’’ I could smell junk food. I was feeling so happy because it was Halloween.

I was passing by the street and I saw this old lady who needed help. She was 61-years-old, as tall as a tree, and her shape was skinny. Her hair color was white as snow. Her skin color was white as well. Her eyes were brown. She had pink clothes. Her eyes seemed to be saying to help her cross the street.

People were crowding like an angry mob. Another thing I could see was people wearing their Halloween costumes like they couldn’t wait to get their own hands on the candy.

Finally, it was late and all of the people went trick or treating. Then I helped the lady cross the street, so she could go buy candies. She went home to give out candy to the kids. Afterwards, she was happy that I helped her.

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