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The Time My Sister and I Helped Shakira Find a Home

By Brenda Yasmin Carranza, Age 11, California


Sometime around July 2011, around 10:30a.m, my eldest sister Graciela and I were listening to the music of Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Jason Delrulo, and Lil Wayne in the kitchen while we were doing our chores. We danced like wild monkeys chasing yellow bananas when we suddenly started to hear winning and scratches at the door. My sister turned the music down and we heard more winning, but this time no scratches. For a moment, we thought it was the rain. At the time, we had bought new couches and our old couches were sitting outside. Anyway, we checked to see what was scratching at the door. When we checked, to our surprise we saw a light brown puppy.

The puppy was a female. She was terrified of us. Once we fed her and let her sniff us, she was very happy that she happened to stay at our place for a while. Her eyes seemed to be saying, “I’m hungry, thirsty, scared, and cold.” She stayed at my house for three days, so my sister and I said, “Hey let’s give her a name while she’s still with us.”

“Sure lets name her Honey because her fur is as brown as honey.”

My sister giggled. “That’s cute lets go with that.”

I stayed outside with “Honey” for a while. I stared at her while the wind blew and the cars passed. I looked at her and I realized she didn’t have a tag or a collar. So I thought, “Where should we call for her to go back homes?”

The first day she stayed, she cried at the door, so we put her in the laundry room. First at sunrise, I woke up and took Honey back outside. After one day with Honey, my sister thought of taking her to the shelter, but if we took her to the shelter, she would have probably gotten a horrible home. So I thought to myself, “We have some friends that might want Honey.” So we called them, and they were happy that we did!

The next morning we heard scratching at the door again. This time I knew it was Honey. She was hungry so I gave her some dog food. The reason we couldn’t keep Honey was because we already had one puppy. We tried to keep Honey, but it was just too much work to feed two puppies.

It was the last day with Honey. My mom got a call the by friends that we gave Honey to. They told us that they were going to pick Honey up that afternoon. I was sad and happy that they were going to take her. In a way, I was sad because I wouldn’t be able to play with her and she wouldn’t be able to chase me around at the yard of my house. In another way, I was happy that she would be in a better place than outside hiding in between our old couches.

That afternoon, the family friends went to my house to pick Honey up and it all went a little like this:

The people knocked at our door and I opened it.
“Hey! How are you guys doing?”

“Good, how about you guys? Come in.”

And from there on it was just old people talk and I got bored, so I went outside to play with Honey. Eventually they got off topic and wanted to meet Honey. So they met her and said, “Let’s call her Shakira.” I wasn’t happy about that but I couldn’t do anything. They took her to their home and every other day I go to visit them, and see how Shakira is.

And that’s the story of how my sister and I helped Shakira find a home! In other words