Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Toy Cat

By Ashley Munoz, age 15, Illinois, US


When I was five years old, I had a toy cat named Smokey. I took the gray cat everywhere I went. There wasn’t a time that I didn’t bring Smokey. What I liked most about the small cat was that it had giant green eyes and could fit in the palm of my hand. It also fit inside my toy purses. I couldn’t live without it. My parents got annoyed when I left it at home, because we always had to drive back home to get it or I’d throw a tantrum.

One day my parents went to the grocery store (with my toy cat, of course). We started looking down the aisles, checking each ingredient off the checklist: milk, check; bread, check; cereal, check. I remember I liked shopping with my parents. I always imagined that my companion Smokey and I were going on an adventure together. Smokey always liked to jump over the fruit snack boxes, rustling through the bags of chips to get through the end of the aisle. Once we both got to the end of the aisle, I noticed there was a recreational aisle. It had toys, candy, and other holiday items. When I walked into the aisle I went straight to the teddy bears. I made my toy cat Smokey play with his new friends Ted and Beary. I felt like a rebel since my parents were in the aisle next to me and not in the same aisle as me! I kept walking down the aisle and there was a hard candy section and cards section. I didn’t find that interesting since I didn’t like hard candy and didn’t find greeting cards interesting. By the time I got to the end of the aisle, my parents told me it was time to leave. They were already by the checkout counter so I left immediately, thinking that my parents were going to abandon me at the store. In my hurry I left the toy cat on the shelf.

After the cashier scanned the items one by one it was time to go. We walked to the car and I started to help my parents put the groceries inside. Then we all started to drive home with the radio blasting. But then I realized that I left my toy cat at the grocery store. So I started to cry, kick my legs, and just throw a tantrum in general. But my parents didn’t want to go back to the grocery store. So I begged and begged them to go back to get my cat. When they finally agreed, we drove back to the store. When we arrived I looked everywhere in the store – the freezer aisle, the snack aisle, the breakfast aisle – and no sight of my tiny gray cat. But then I remember there is a recreational aisle. So I ran into the aisle as fast as I could, almost bumping into someone. Smokey was just sitting there in the same place, untouched. I ran to my toy cat and picked it up and started dancing with it. I was so happy! I was crying happy tears. “What an eventful day,” I thought.

I still have my toy cat sitting in my drawer. I haven’t played with it since I was five or six. Sometimes when I look through my drawer and see it, the cat brings back many good memories, like the time I went to Disneyland and the time that we went to Texas to see my aunts and uncles. Even the smallest things in life, like a gray cat named Smokey, can affect you in a very personal way.