Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Wonders of Community College

By Stella Prince, Nonfiction Editor


There are fourteen hundred and sixty two community colleges in the United States. Thirteen million people attend a community college. Many states such as Tennessee and Oregon are now offering free community college tuition. It is quite incredible.

I’ve been homeschooled since age ten, but last year my parents and I found out about my local community college’s homeschool program. Any homeschooled teenager can earn their high school diploma by taking college classes for credit. A homeschooler is eligible to graduate from high school after earning a number of credits. I began going to community college at thirteen, and am still going today. I love going, because I feel I can experience the best of both worlds– a homeschooler like me can go to school, but only for a few hours a day. Although I am taking five classes and twelve credits this semester, I still don’t have to stay in school all day. For instance, on Mondays I only go from noon to two. And Tuesdays I go from ten to one. Pretty soon I will be eligible to graduate from high school. Community college saves so much time, too. I can go off to college when I’m only sixteen.

Community colleges are also convenient because a lot of them are either incredibly cheap, or free. Most students can transfer to a good school after going to community college for two years, and it saves so much money. Community colleges really are great. If you’re only thirteen or so, why not try going and graduating high school early? Believe me, it is worth it.