Amazing Kids! Magazine

Traveling with a Focus

By Paul Ngu, Amazing Kids! Adventures and Global Village Editor


Traveling can be a lot of fun, but the near infinite possibilities and destinations can be overwhelming. One way to create a focus in your travel is to plan a trip that integrates your interests with the offerings of the place. For example, if you are interested in animals, you could research the native animals in various countries and pick a place that offers you a chance to learn more about an intriguing animal. Although your trip certainly doesn’t have to be confined to zoos, wildlife parks, and animal gazing, having a certain focus in your visit—in this case animals—can certainly help enrich your travels.

For me, a past trip to Malaysia to visit relatives was a very rewarding and fun experience. I was able to meet my extended family, taste the local foods, and bask in the warm sunshine and beaches. However, when I returned from Malaysia, I found myself wondering if I had made the most of my travel. Because international traveling may not be a common activity for you—it certainly isn’t for me—I’ve since become convinced that having a particular focus or goal in your trip is beneficial.

Since my visit to Malaysia, I’ve become more interested in learning Chinese, as it is one of the commonly spoken languages in Malaysia and in other parts of Asia. In fact, it has become a goal of mine to explore the cultural and linguistic aspects of the Chinese language. When I start college this fall, I will be taking my first Chinese class. However, a language and cultural immersion is probably the best way to learn and master the language. For my next international travel, I hope to not only taste the local foods and visit the cultural institutions of the country, but also focus on my goal of learning Chinese. This focus—of learning a new language—helps me narrow down the possibilities of countries to visit for my next travel. It also helps make my next trip an extremely rewarding one in which I can truly make the most of my international travel.

While my personal focus may be to learn a new language when I travel, other people of course will have different ideas for travel. Traveling abroad can entertain many of those goals because there is so much you can learn by visiting a foreign country or an unfamiliar place. For example, you could volunteer in a hospital clinic in a rural community, or learn how to snorkel in a tropical island. Whether for personal growth or leisure pursuits, the possibilities for traveling are truly expansive.

Enjoy your next travel, whether it is this summer or years down the line. Try the local cuisine, tour the museums, parks, and cultural institutions, and remember to send postcards to your friends and family! And if possible, try to approach your travel with a particular focus. A specific goal can not only help narrow down the possibilities of destinations and activities to do, but it can also help you make the most of your next travel. Bon voyage!