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Trends in Communication

By Natalie Brady, Jr. Assistant Editor

From Indian smoke signals to Facebook, communication has been expanding throughout U.S. history. In this article, you will learn about the history of three different types of communication: mail, phone, and the Internet!

The History of Mail

Mail has always been a piece of paper or package that is supposed to be sent to someone in particular. However, the one difference in mail, is how fast the letter or package gets to the certain someone. Way back when, the Mauryan Empire in India used to deliver packages and letters in chariots. People also used to walk to deliver mail by foot. People would walk from their home to someone else’s to give them a letter or package, or, sometimes people would be paid to deliver a message to someone by foot.

The Pony Express was also used, something very similar to the postal service we have today. People would pay someone who worked for the business, Pony Express, to deliver a letter or package by horse. We’ve also used homing pigeons, by attaching a letter to a collar around the pigeon’s neck, and the pigeon would fly to the destination.

We also have the postal service we have now, where letters and packages are delivered to our houses by mailmen in cars after possibly being shipped across great distances by airplanes.

The History of the Telephone

We didn’t always have the smart phones we have now, where we have Internet, unlimited texting and calling, with a camera built into it, and so much more. Telephones had to start somewhere, but not with smart phones – in fact, they started with rotary phones.

Look at the picture of the rotary phone. A rotary phone has holes for the numbers, and to dial a number, you have to put your finger in that number hole and bring it around counterclockwise to a silver bar, and then let it fall back. To kids these days, we look back and think they’re cool, but we don’t see the point – what’s better than a cell phone? But, to kids and people back then, when this device first came out, people couldn’t believe you could actually talk to someone without being in that person’s presence or sending a letter!

We also had pay phones. People didn’t have cell phones, and if you weren’t at your house you didn’t have a phone. So, if you had to make a call, you had to go to a phone booth and insert some money to make your call.

Then, cell phones came out. They were big and bulky but cell phones became smaller and smaller until they became something you could carry around in your pocket and whip out anytime to make a call. Now, we have smart phones: things that can do basically anything you want. What will come next?

History of the Internet

The Internet has expanded communications even more than the postal service and telephones. The internet allows us to communicate with people all over the world quickly and easily, and it also allows people to look things up. The computer has evolved from something that you can keep notes and files on, to something that links files and people all over the world on the internet. From the Internet, email was then invented, giving people an even faster way to communicate. Myspace was then invented, a website where you can communicate with people all over the world quickly, and meet new people. Now, Facebook is extremely popular.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the history of the postal service, telephone, and the Internet!