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Two Comedians on Top of the World

By Megan Weaver, Contributing Writer


Many people have become famous for their sense of humor. These people who perform jokes and skits as their job are called comedians. Many comedians spend their days working hard to impress audiences with their wit and creativity. Being a comedian is not as simple as it may seem. Everyday people make their friends laugh, it comes naturally to us; but comedians they have to make every person in a large crowd laugh. Two people overcame this challenge, rose to be extremely successful in their careers as comedians, and still currently work as actors. These two American comedians are Will Ferrell and Eddie Murphy.

Will Ferrell was born in the state of California, in the United States, in 1967. Ferrell’s dad was in a band and his mom was a teacher. When he was a child he had not thought of pursuing a career in comedy. He was serious as a child and played football throughout high school. After graduating from college, Will Ferrell went to work on the set of a show called Saturday Night Live where he worked for the sports department. It was during this job that he realized he loved joking around with his coworkers and decided to look into becoming a comedian. He went back to school to study theatre. After finishing his acting classes, he revisited the set of Saturday Night Live but this time he was looking to be hired for a comedy position. Needless to say he was quickly hired and began working as a cast member. After a few years working on Saturday Night Live, Ferrell began accepting offers to be an actor in movies rather than a television show. Since then, he has been in many movies such as Elf, The Lego Movie, and Megamind.

Eddie Murphy is another comedian who, unlike Will Ferrell, was destined for comedy at a young age. Murphy was born in the state of New York in a large city called Brooklyn. When he was a kid, Murphy impersonated many characters from television shows he watched. His father was an amateur comedian so he grew up with comedy always around him. As he grew older, he decided to turn his natural sense of humor into a career. He worked on Saturday Night Live for a few years, but he had to audition six times before they finally hired him. Like Will Ferrell, he left Saturday Night Live to become an actor in movies. He has been well-known for his roles in Imagine That, Daddy Day Care, and for voicing the part of “Donkey” in Shrek.
Both Will Ferrell and Eddie Murphy still work today as actors and stand-up comedians. They are proof that even the silliest of talents can become an amazing lifetime of success with hard work and determination.


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