Amazing Kids! Magazine

Uninvited Guest

By Mariana Aguilar, age 11, San Pablo, California


One early morning spring weekend, during my favorite hobby – getting beauty sleep – my little sister Sarai burst into my room like a dog chasing a treat.

“Only one week until our family reunion party!!!” she shouted.


“Wake up Mari! Only seven days until BIG FUN!”

I slowly rolled out of bed. I had forgotten that I was in charge of choosing the decorations for this year’s party. Since my family could never agree on party themes or colors, I was given full control over all the decorating. I asked Sarai to be my assistant. “Let’s go downstairs and finish the planning,” I said.

We talked all morning. When we finally finished, we decided to walk to the store to buy red and gold party supplies. I asked my mom to come with us. “Mom, there are no red and gold party supplies,” I told her. We had fun searching for things that we needed for the party.

“Let’s go to Walmart,” my mom replied. They had run out of gold and red party supplies. We had to go to Party City. We searched for two hours but still didn’t find much.

Once we got home, we noticed that we had visitors in our house. “AHH!!!! Raccoons!” my mother shouted. We saw 3 raccoons eating out of our garbage can in the kitchen. Although Dad missed swatting one of them with the broom, they all ran towards a small hole inside of a hallway. But Dad continued to chase them with a broom like a wicked witch chasing a black cat away, and SPLAT!!! He finally hit one right on its nose. The one he hit turned around, and so did another one SPLAT!!!!! Both began to chase him like a speeding panther. Dad turned around and ran out the door like a bullet.

We called an exterminator, but the raccoons just attacked him. The exterminator came out with scratches here and there. The exterminator couldn’t get rid of the raccoons. Two days passed, but nothing seemed to get the raccoons to leave.

My mom started to say that we shouldn’t have a party if we won’t be able to get rid of the raccoons, and I agreed. After a while, my dad had to set up a trap. First, he got one. After a few days passed, he caught the other raccoon. The last one was even harder to get. Dad spent all his time trying to get that last one, but he couldn’t. Then one morning the raccoon walked into the trap. Snap!!!! The raccoon got stuck in the trap. Dad put the raccoons in the back of the truck and drove far away into the clouds like an angel flying away. He took them to the woods. My dad let them free, and the raccoons ran far into the woods.

My dad rushed home like a hungry lion to start decorating. We only had twelve hours to get ready. We were running and running like six crazy monkeys. We all put on fancy clothes as if we were going to a ball at the prince’s castle. The next day our house looked like a huge gold and red masterpiece. When people arrived, they made a lot of sweet comments.

“Legendary,” my Aunt Betty said.

“The best!” my Cousin Lu yelled.

“The best party in the entire Milky Way,” I said to myself, and we partied on.