Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Kristen Hughes, Age 18, Virginia


My blonde thick hair became tangled by the warm wind tickling my back. I slowly turned to my right and was surprised to see a few fins moving through the water. A family standing next to me mentioned the blue fins belonged to dolphins and began taking numerous pictures. The number grew and soon there were dozens of triangles intertwining amongst themselves. The sun glared into my eyes as I squinted to keep them open. The swimming dolphins seemed so lost yet so comfortable. They had no place to go yet knew exactly how to get there. Each time they came up for air I got a little more excited. The wind continued to blow the fresh smell of salt water into my face. The sun made the sand beneath my feet hot so I continued to walk around. The beach was my favorite place to be by myself. There was no sweeter sound than the thoughts inside my head and the heavy waves crashing against the rough sandy beach. I came here to think. I came here to relax. In the distance I noticed a yellow frisbee coming towards me. I caught it as the family at a distance called for me to throw it back. I tossed it back with a smile as the family showed their gratitude. I loved when people were happy; in fact, I wanted nothing more than people to be happy.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I opened my eyes and took my headphones out. My mom stood behind me and said dinner was ready. I got up from my bed happily to join my family. If I was incapable of being at the beach, why not use my imagination?