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Wake Up!

By Brenda Aceves, age 11, San Pablo


It was a bright and sunny morning when I lifted my head from my pillow. I noticed my sister was still asleep. When I changed into my school clothes, my sister was still in bed. It was 7:10am and I didn’t want to be late for school, so I decided to wake her up. “Wake up. It’s 7:10,” I whispered.

“Ugh, do I have to?” she asked.

“No, you don’t have to. You can be late for school and your classes,” I replied.

“Okay, okay, I’ll wake up,” my sister whined.

To me, my sister is as slow as a sloth. If you’ve been around my sister for a long time, you know what I mean. After I brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and did other things, my mom told us to go to her car so she could drive my sister to school (then me). It was 8:03am, and my sister was still not in the car.

“Where’s your sister? She is taking too long,” my mom said.

“I agree, but I don’t know where she is,” I replied to my mother.

Around 8:07 she finally came to the car. It didn’t even feel like 8:07! It’s like the time went by as fast as a cheetah! Anyway, my sister got into the car. It seemed like my mom was ready to yell at her, but she said nothing.

When we got back from dropping off my sister, it was 8:24. I ran to school (luckily it’s near my home). I was really shocked, because I barely arrived to school on time. About 6 ½ hours later we came to pick up my sister. She doesn’t finish school until 3:15, while I get out at 2:40.

So it was 3:15 when we came to pick up my sister. But we didn’t see her. About 40 minutes later she finally climbed in the car. My mom and I were really angry. Right at that time my sister asked a question with terrible timing, “Mom, can I please go to be on the volleyball team?”

“You know what? You can,” my mom replied.

My sister and I were really shocked by what she said, especially since my sister had just enraged my mom by taking so long to come out of the school.

“On one condition,” my mom added.

“Well, what is it mom?” my sister asked.

“You and your sister have to be on time for school,” my mom replied.

“Wait, what?! What did I do?” I asked.

“Nothing…” my mom said after that.

“Well, okay, but I still haven’t eaten anything since I finished school today! Neither did mom!” I said to my sister.

“Oh, I am so sorry. I never knew,” my sister apologized.

“It’s okay. I know you never know,” I replied.

As we came back to the house, my mom hurried to make me food. She rarely had enough time to make me food. After I ate, I did my homework. Then I started playing video games as usual. She told me to not wake my sister up, which was strange. When my dad came, I started to read for 40 minutes. I was starting to wonder why my mom let her have a second chance. I thought, She’s up to something.

As I calmly came to her room, my sister started to panic.

“I need help with something. Please, I need your help!”

“Well, what is it?” I asked.

“I NEED YOUR HELP!” my sister yelled.

“With what?” I asked again.

“Next Friday, I have to be at school by 7:30. Please don’t ask me why because it’s really annoying,” my sister replied.

Of course it is, I thought.

The next week my sister was on time for school. One of those days she was ready for school before I was even awake. On Thursday, I thought of something: if I change the time on all the clocks, when she wakes up she might hurry up. I then decided I’ll do that at night. I knew how to change the clocks because my dad taught me about 4 months before.

When it was night-time my sister showered. While she was showering, I realized it was the best chance for me to do this. I changed all the clocks, even in the living room. When I finished, my sister didn’t even notice the clocks! How do you not notice clocks that are right beside you?

The next day I changed into my school clothes. Then I woke up my sister. “WAKE UP! IT’S 8:OO! I’M SO SORRY I DIDN’T WAKE YOU UP EARLIER,” I yelled.

My mom heard that and rushed through the room. She said it was okay, and my sister could be on the volleyball team anyway. My mom and sister were as quick as a cheetah when getting ready. (The time was really 7:00 since I changed the clocks.) After my mom and sister got into the car, they realized they were tricked.

“Wait. It’s not 8:OO!” my sister said, surprised.

“You’re right,” my mom replied.

After all that my sister got to school on time, and so did I. Hopefully, my mom knows not to doubt my sister again.