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Ways to Give Back to Your Community

By Madisen Garcia, Contributing Writer


Have you ever wanted to give back to your community but didn’t know how? This article will help you get started. Start by thinking of things that your community needs. Maybe a garden or park benches? Even the smallest things can make a huge difference. If you love animals, a fun way to give back might be volunteering at an animal shelter. Some ways to help at an animal shelter might include cleaning cages, taking dogs for walks, feeding the animals, playing with the animals, and so much more. Another fun way to give back is to volunteer at your local library. This is great if you love to read! Some responsibilities might include reading to kids, organizing books, or helping people find books. One of the best ways to pay it forward is to donate. There are so many organizations you can donate to; it’s just a matter of picking one. Some of my favorites include Samaritans Purse, American Red Cross, and ASPCA. The possibilities are endless! You’re never too young to make a difference!