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What Can We Learn from Watching The Grinch?

By Jeffrey Cruz, age 11, California


Have you ever seen the movie The Grinch? If you have seen the movie, do you learn something about it? How would you feel if the Grinch destroyed your Christmas? The Grinch can teach us a lot about Christmas joy, family traditions, and the importance of giving to others. Here’s why.

The Grinch is an old, green creature who hates Christmas and lives in a cave at the north side of Whoville. The Grinch wanted to spread misery and melancholy to the people in Whoville. The Grinch’s heart was as cold as winter in Whoville.

First of all, the Grinch teaches us about family traditions and can bring back people’s memories of others. The Grinch never gave up trying to destroy Christmas and sitting in his cave. Another thing to consider if you watch The Grinch is that the movie can teach us a lot of good; it could teach us about family traditions. The Grinch wanted to destroy Christmas for the people in Whoville because the Grinch’s heart was two sizes too small to see any good in the world. In other words, the Grinch wanted to end Christmas because he put up with it for 52 years. He’s a very unhappy person and never saw anything good during holiday seasons.

Another thing to consider is the traditions that come along with Christmas. For example, the Grinch hated the holidays; he would rather stay in his cave the whole time or plan how to ruin the holidays for everyone. The whole Christmas season, the Grinch was filled with hatred and wanted everyone else to feel the same.

Finally, watching the Grinch can teach us how to give to others. Another lesson we can learn from the Grinch is that the Grinch realizes Christmas is all about happiness and being around loved ones to celebrate and be happy. The virtuous people of Whoville lived a joyful life, and the Grinch learned from them, changed his way, and became a happy person. The only reason the Grinch was like that was that he wanted attention; he realized how silly he was acting. Christmas doesn’t come from a store; therefore, he learned to appreciate the holidays more. He understands that true happiness comes from giving to others.

There are many examples from the Grinch; I think I picked out a lot. One wonders why this is important. Maybe one day you will write an essay about the Grinch, and you will do well.

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