Amazing Kids! Magazine

What Can You Do?

By Aryaman Sheth, Photography Editor


We live in a world which is overflowing with evils: poverty, terrorism, illiteracy, and what not. Many are cold and insensitive towards the poor, the old, and the sick. Men of this world are naturally inclined to only care about themselves, causing the rich to grow richer whilst the poor grow poorer. By chance of fate, the poor face subjugation and wrath of the rich and the powerful.

Now, don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying that we as a society don’t try to help those less fortunate than ourselves. However, most of these humanitarian and philanthropic actions are carried out only to receive the praise and admiration of others, to flaunt wealth and raise one’s name in society. Some organizations that host charity balls and request donations pocket the money, and the cash never reaches the promised target.

I am not going to be a person who just writes about topics like this, and those reading should not be those who are touched by this for a few minutes and then forget about it as if it were a month’s a-goes news. We should be the ones to be proactive and make a difference. Imagine if you were in the place of the less fortunate—helpless and weak, starved and unemployed. In my opinion, every human has a right to live, not survive and cling onto life by a thread but live like normal people do—work hard, provide for his or her family, eat a nutritious meal, and sleep on a comfortable bed. I am not suggesting that we spoon-feed the poor by giving them money, but we should support them to break the cycle of poverty. Provide job opportunities, even if it is just menial work, so that they can slowly make a living. Help set up schools and orphanages so that poverty-stricken children can learn to read and write because only if a person is educated can he or she think, ration, provide, and make the world a better place for others as well as himself or herself.

When we feel we deserve the right to a comfortable life, there are millions of people out there who only dream of the life we have, and deserve a better future. Parents deserve to see their children merry, enjoying life, sleeping on a full stomach. Children, too, deserve to see their parents not starve and look frail. Everyone deserves to live happy and fulfilling lives.  Thus, I ask you one more time: WHAT CAN YOU DO?