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What’s Most Important?

By Chance Sitandon, Age 13, Washington


What’s most important to me is my family and friends. First of all, my family has always helped me with my problems and they’ve always been by my side. They can come and they could go, but no matter what I know they’ll be there for me. I wouldn’t know what to do without them. My family makes me feel complete. I’m very lucky to have such wonderful siblings.

My friends have helped me with a lot of things too. Like when my parents or a teacher doesn’t understand what I’m talking about, I could go to a friend and tell or explain whatever’s on my mind to them. At school, you can have as many friends as you want. But be careful, you have to choose your friends wisely because if you don’t, you could be hanging out with the wrong crowd. Hanging out with the wrong crowd can cause or get you into trouble…but anyways, good friends will stick with you and will be there when you’re down or feeling uncompleted. I always have a good feeling that I’ve chosen good friends.

Some people think family and friends don’t really matter in their life because maybe they don’t get along with them. But you know what? They’re missing the most wonderful people and losing them too. Be a friend to everyone and make other people feel safe and happy, not everyone can have everything, but everyone can have a family including friends.

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