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When I Helped My Puppy Survive

By Shalma Alvarez, Age 11, California


“Your puppy fell off the truck,” my mother said after dinner.

My puppy was shivering as if it were his last minutes of life. It was summer and it was really hot. When I saw my puppy lying in the ground shocked, I cried like never before. I could see my puppy barking. The dinner was delicious, but I couldn’t find my puppy’s shot. I felt desperate and scared.

Chicito is two months old. He has black and badge hair, and skin as pink as my mother’s favorite blanket. I was so sad he had just started his life and it was already in danger.

I could see my mother worried while my cousin and I tried to find the necessary shot. I could hear my puppy yelping with pain. It didn’t help that the house was scorching hot. Our house was so hot it felt like a tortured chamber.

I’m thankful my cousin was able stay under control despite the extremely hot conditions. She has black hair with blond highlights and her eyes are as brown as a honeycomb. She likes to wear thigh shirts and wiggly shirts.

Although my family didn’t think I was going to find the shot, I didn’t give up because I was going to save my puppy’s life. I had to think really hard and look everywhere. I almost had a clue of where it was, but I lost it.

“Mother, are you sure you didn’t get the shot?”

“What shot?”

“The one that would save my puppy’s life”

“The shot the puppy was playing with?”

“Yes, where is it?”

“Well I put it away but I don’t remember where.”

All the people were trying to help my mother remember where she put the shot. After all, the only thing I could think about is where my mom puts all the things she takes away from my puppy. Then I said what about if she put it in my puppy supplies, I checked but it wasn’t there. Then I asked my cousin, who was a vet.

“Do you have any other shots?”

“Well if you see I have to have a First Aid Kit and I also have an animal First Aid Kit so I probably do.”

Then she gave me a new shot I put it in my puppy and he had as much energy as never before it was as if it had never happened.

“I saved my puppy’s life!”