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When Liz and I Helped Two Homeless Puppies

By Imari Pierce, age 11, San Pablo, CA


Four years ago, Liz and I were riding our bike around the corner from where I live.  Then we saw two little puppies. One was brown, and one was white with black spots like the movie 101 Dalmatians. The brown one was a boy and the white one was a girl.  We picked up the two puppies, and the puppies were cold. So, Liz and I put the puppies in our sweaters and took them with us. Later that day, we washed, groomed, fed, and played with the puppies.

So, after we all had fun, it was nighttime.  Liz spent a night at my house and we played all night. We slept in the morning. My mom had to come in my room and wake us up. When we woke up we thought about names for the puppies. I named the girl Snowflake, and Liz named the boy Coffee.

Then I had to move to Los Angeles. I had to say goodbye to my friends (I was going to miss my school and friends, but I was going to miss Alondra and Liz the most), and the puppies.

I surprised Ally and Liz 3 years ago by moving back. We were happy and excited to see each other. I thought about going back to Los Angeles, but I would miss my friends more than I missed Los Angeles.

So, after the three years I saw the puppies again. They were tall – almost as tall as 16 books.

Then, Liz and I said that we should give the dogs a birthday party.

“Let’s have it on the day we found them,” I said.

“Yes,” said Liz.

A couple of months later, we all gave them a good birthday party and decided to give them a new home. Liz thought I should get the boy and she should get the girl.

Later, when I was walking Coffee I found the owner of Coffee and Snowflake. She said, “Have you seen my dogs? They have been missing for about 3 to 4 years.” She showed me a picture and I asked, “Is this your dog?”

She said, “No.”

A few days later Coffee and Snowflake got out. I had to chase them around the house, and they ran to Ally’s house and chased Ally’s dog. It was funny. Then we left and went home. After that I took them to Ally’s house almost every weekend.

Recently my mom said, “You have to give the dogs away.” So I gave them to Ally and since I live close to Ally I can visit them every day.