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Why Does The World Need More People With Courage?

By Luis Escalera


Have you ever wondered if the world needs more people with courage? In this essay I will include examples that prove why the world needs more people with courage. People that are courageous don’t see with their eyes, courageous people see with their heart. Below are some observations.

First of all, the world needs more courageous people because when people see with their eyes most of the time they only think about themselves, and if you see with your heart you will see how many people need help from. Some people will not agree with my examples because sometimes people are paranoid. For example in the story “The Dog Of Pompeii”, Bimbo was courageous enough to help it’s master Tito escape the volcano that was about to erupt.

Second of all, courageous people help people that are in need and can also help them from getting injured. Another good example from the story “The Dog of Pompeii” is that the main character of the story, Tito, fainted, Bimbi pulled him trying to get him out by the sea gate. That takes a lot of courage because the volcano was about to erupt but he still stayed to help his master from getting hurt or burned to death by the lava. But some people argue that the world already has enough courageous people. Although many people would disagree with people that agree the world needs more courageous people.

Finally, what can we learn from courageous people? We can learn that all humans should see with their heart instead of seeing with their eyes and we can make the world have many more courageous people and less ignorant people that only think about themselves. Another thing is that courageous people teach you that when you suffer better things can happen to you after.

For example in the story “Water” by Helen Keller. Helen’s teacher had a lot of courage because she did not give up on Helen until Helen learned what the meaning of things even if she was blind and deaf, which makes Helen’s teacher very courageous.  In conclusion, we found out story and example that involve people that are courageous. We also found out that the world does need more courageous people.

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    nice story brother.

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