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Why I Love Long Flights

By Fatima Yousuf, Money Smarts Editor and Contributing Writer


While most people dread the stress and anticipation of waiting in long lines at the airport and sitting in cramped aircraft cabins for several hours at a time, when I hear that I may be taking a 10-hour flight to a far-off destination, the first thing that comes to my mind is, “Sign me up!”

Granted, I have had several bad experiences in airports and airplanes. From having my luggage stolen to accidentally leaving my books and valuables in an airplane to sitting next to a woman with a baby who cried the entire trip, my experiences have led me to affirm that flying in an airplane is definitely not all glitz and glamour. But at the same time, there are also several reasons why I greatly enjoy my long flights and the relative peace and relaxation they afford me.

With the busy school year and the various school assignments students are assigned throughout the year, a chance for peace and relaxation is usually necessary at some point around the year. Even when one is going to an exotic location for vacation, chances are he or she will at some point during the vacation be exploring and keeping busy. Sitting in an airplane is one of the few moments in which you truly have to do nothing. You don’t need to worry about your upcoming tests, your quizzes, your homework assignments, your applications, and deadlines. Simply sit down, drink some tea, read a book, and watch the world pass you by as you look out the window.

And perhaps above all, one of the most enjoyable and profound parts of any airplane trip is watching the world through your airplane window. Seeing the city from which I leave get smaller and smaller, watching the sunset above the clouds, seeing the lights of a new city come to be, and overall just enjoying the feeling of being on top of the world are simply one of the few parts of any vacation that would never cease to astound me.

Even layovers are considered highlights of my vacation. Every airport is uniquely different from another, and the chance to explore an area of a new city is one that ought not be missed. Whether it is stepping into airport mosques in Istanbul or enjoying a yoga space in San Francisco, even airports can offer a taste of local culture. While initially one might be unsure of what to do with an extra two or three hours between flights, tasting some cultural food or perhaps looking at souvenirs will always serve as a way to explore a foreign land while waiting for your vacation to start. The atmosphere and busy energy of an airport combined with the experience of being surrounded by different people from new walks of life are not to be taken lightly.

Overall, I simply love the idea of traveling in an airplane. With every plane you step into, you know that new possibilities and experiences await on the other side of that door. Once you step outside again, you are in a whole new world.

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