Amazing Kids! Magazine

William and His Snowboard

By William Steele


I heard that my church was having a ski retreat, so I signed up. After months of waiting and getting excited about it, we got to the church, and there was a huge bus outside. We went inside, then got registered and got a shirt. I put the shirt on and then got with our friend group. I thought that it was going to be so fun. Even though I go to church every Sunday, I felt like I did not have such a good connection with God, so I thought that it would be fun to grow closer to God in the retreat and to come closer to my friends. But I kept that to myself and did not think about it. Then Kyle (our pastor) came out and said we are packing up the bus and getting ready to leave. He gave us our cabins, and he had our roommates for the cabins. He said my cabin and roommates, and right away, I felt my stomach turn upside down. I was with two of my friends and someone that I thought was really weird and did not really like.

We got on the bus, and I sat with my friend; and we were so loud, everyone was so mad at us. We were watching fail videos. The bus ride was really long. People slept on the ground of the bus to get some sleep. When we got there, it was 1:00 p.m., and we got our bags and got to our cabins. The cabins were pretty cool; they were all in a line, and the rooms were next to each other. They had a door connecting each of them, so we kept the door open, and our other friends were next door. We kept spraying deodorant in each other’s room, and people got really mad, but it was totally worth it.

The next day we went to the lodge and got some breakfast, and then we got ready to get on the bus and go skiing. After breakfast we went back to our rooms, got our stuff on, and then went back to the lodge; and everyone was there to get on the bus. The bus ride there was really quiet because everyone just woke up. When we got to the mountain, we had one big room that everyone could put stuff in. After that we got with our friends, put our stuff on, and then went on the mountain. The snow was so white that you had to squint your eyes, and it was so fluffy, too. I got my snowboard and found my friends. I ended up splitting up from them and going with my other friend who snowboards because I was with skiers. We both had so much fun. We went to the ski park because we are both really good snowboarders and liked the trick park a lot. The other people I went with before did not like it. We also went on a run that you have to hike up a hill, and it was in the woods. It was so fun; then we ended up finding more people and went on to the other part of the mountain. There was a really fun run through the trees; the run dipped down, and you went off a huge jump over a tree. After that we went to go and get lunch. We got so much food. Right after we got our food, we went back on the slopes, but we brought hot chocolate with us. My friend put his hot chocolate on the chairlift, and it jerked forward and back; his hot chocolate fell off the chair and into the snow. We have an inside joke about it, and I grew closer to that friend on the retreat. Then we ended up going back to riding on the mountain. I thought that it could not get better than this, and I was right because the day ended, and we had to go back to the cabins.

So, we got our stuff and went back on the bus, and now the bus was really loud because everyone was talking about how someone had a huge jump or a huge wipeout; it was really funny. Then we got back to the cabins, put our stuff on, got into new clothes, met back at the lodge, and had a church service. I thought it was going to be the worst. Mostly every one of my friends did not go to church and only went on the retreat to go skiing. I thought that that was dumb. I did not really care about that, though. It was a two-hour service, and I really listened, learned more, grew closer to God, and felt my relationship grow with God. I also felt like I could talk about my relationship with God and not be afraid to talk about it, and I felt like I found a new friend. After the service we went back to the cabins and stayed up all night doing all kinds of things. I really ended up connecting with the person that I thought I would least connect with.