Amazing Kids! Magazine

Wishing is Powerful

By Isabella Taylor, Poetry Editor


We have all heard the old adage “be careful what you wish for!” I believe in the power of wishing. It seems to strengthen our beliefs in what we desire, want or hope. What we put out to the universe comes back to us. Possibly, it is through our wishes that we open ourselves to the benefits we reap in life.

Many authors have written about the power of wishing but to make our wish come true, it is important to take steps to make our wish intentional and try to experience it as if it has really happened. I personally have tried to do this when I setting goals for myself each year. I make my wish list then, I try to send my intention out to the universe in hopes that it will come true. I often begin to incorporate my wish into my real life. I make it feel like it is really happening. I have found that this works for me. I begin to taste it, feel it and see it and before you I realize it, my wish comes true.

The power of wishing is something I believe in and I try to put into practice in my life. I think “when we wish upon a star” and send positive energy into the universe it comes back to us!