Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Jessica Johnson, Contributing Writer


Driving on up to Yosemite with my family was exciting yet nerve racking. I had never been to such an amazing national park before yet I wasn’t the most athletic person so I knew that I couldn’t stick through all the hiking up and down. It actually ended up being a fun and adventurous experience. The ride there was definitely long but worth it. As I woke up from my nap, I saw the beautiful scenery of the tall mountains and beautiful streams. It was all there for you to take in at a glance. The trails were made nicely for visitors with Giant Sequoias all around. The waterfalls were breathtaking with capturing views. Climbing up rocks was one of my favorite parts.  Even though I fell a couple times, I still had a lot of fun. The fact that my family and I spent so much time together all trying to find out which route to take and what views to watch really brought us closer together. Spending time in an isolated place with other families around you striving to get to the top of the peak or walking through the trails makes the whole entire experience worthwhile. Sometimes having no phone reception is the best way to get closer with the people around you by actually talking to each other and planning what to do next.

The great thing about nature is that, it’s just you, the views, and the people around you. There’s nothing there to bother you and it’s the best way to relax and enjoy yourself. Even for people like me who don’t love hiking or bugs, you sort of forget about it all as you’re there and start to appreciate the great qualities of nature around you. Yosemite has 5 of the world’s highest waterfalls, and about 300 lakes. The structure of each mountain is incredible, it’s formed in ways that literally take your breath away. Some of them are a deep dark color with waterfalls forming, some are formed with spots of green peeking out. It’s definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss. The park also has 67 mammalian species with a variety of different types of animals that roam around you. Yosemite isn’t the only great National Park but based on my experience I highly recommend going out and enjoying nature with family and friends. It’s a great time to bond, laugh, and take in what Mother Nature has to offer.