Amazing Kids! Magazine

Vocab Booster

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor

Here are some cool words and unique words that are interesting to know!

Pizzazz (adj.) having a lot of energy, vigor, flair, or style

I could tell that my neighbor had a lot of pizzazz when she would wear poodle skirts and cat-eye sunglasses.

Chortle (n.) a joyful laugh

Whenever the girl told a joke, her uncle let out a huge chortle.

Dexterous (adj.) very skilled

It wasn’t until I saw my grandmother cut vegetables with amazing speed that I realized how dexterous she was with a knife!

Eclectic (adj.) made up of many different things

New York City is very eclectic because there are always people there from all over the world.

Eon (n.) an eternity, or an infinite amount of time

Some days, it feels as though I spend eons sitting in a classroom!

Felicity (n.) the state of being happy

The newlywed couple was in pure felicity on their honeymoon.

Jostle (v.) to shove

The two soccer players jostled each other as both went for the ball.

Juxtapose (v.) to put side-by-side

When comparing two paintings, it’s often helpful to juxtapose them so that you can distinguish the differences and similarities

Niche (n.) a position or function of an animal in a community of animals

We humans fill a unique niche because we’re at the top of the food chain.

Plethora (n.) an excess of something

In America, it is often said that we have a plethora of material goods.