Amazing Kids! Magazine

Wild and Wacky Jobs

By Sean Traynor, Editor-in-Chief

Work doesn’t have to be a boring word when you grow up.  There are many wild and wacky jobs that have a high “wow” factor.  They are interesting, fun to read about and almost unbelievable.  Here are a few that you might find fascinating.

Ice Cream Tester
Believe it or not, ice cream makers have tasters to make sure they have a quality product.  John Harrison, Dreyer’s Ice Cream taster, checks for three things:  1. Does the product look appetizing?  2. Is there a balance between the dairy, sugars and flavoring materials? 3. Is the texture smooth and creamy?  He looks at a gallon of ice cream split down the middle first, to make sure the color is correct and there is an even distribution of ingredients.  Then he uses the process of swirl, smack and spit.  Don’t think you can take John’s job any time soon though; he’s been Dreyer’s ice cream taster for over 40 years.

Odor Tester
If you’re a nosy person, there are employees that test the effectiveness of deodorants and antiperspirants by sniffing subjects’ armpits. If your product is good, the job doesn’t stink.  Thanks to them, we have products that help us come out smelling like a rose.

IMAX Screen Cleaner
We all love to watch those fantastic, larger-than-life movies on the IMAX screens.  Did you ever think about how those screens stay clean so the picture is clear?  There are employees that clean and dust these huge screens.  They have to empty their vacuums two to three times per screen in order to keep the screens dust-free.

Wrinkle Chaser
When shoes are made, it is someone’s job to iron out all the wrinkles in the shoes to give it a smooth surface.  They use a special iron to give the shoes a crease-free look.

Rattlesnake Milker
Rattlesnake venom is known by most kids to be poisonous.  But, did you know that the venom has some positive uses as well?  Rattlesnake venom is used for medical research in areas such as cancer and strokes. There are individuals hired to pick up the rattlesnakes, hold their neck right below their head and press their fangs against the side of a glass to eject the venom from their glands.  Sounds fun, right?

Hair Simulation Supervisor
Mark Thomas Henne supervised every hair (that’s right, the kind on your head) that was put into the animated movie The Incredibles. Not only has he done this unbelievable job, but Mark also was the Crowds Supervisor for WALL-E, Additional Crowds Development for Ratatouile, Modeling Artist for Monsters, Inc. and part of the modeling team and Visual Effects for Toy Story. Boy, I guess more goes into being a hair simulation supervisor than meets the eye!

Furniture Tester
When furniture manufacturers produce furniture, they need someone to test how comfortable it is.  They pay someone to sit, lounge, and try out different positions on the furniture. This is probably the only time you’d get paid to be a couch potato.

Pet Food Taster
Since animals can’t talk, someone has to test how pet food tastes.  People are paid to test texture, smell and flavor.  They remove boney parts, test for gristle and smell for freshness.  Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Resort Waterslide Tester
Some individuals are hired to check the height, speed, water quantity and landing as well as all safety aspects of water slides. Testing slides all day sounds like a lot of fun; but these people test the ride’s safety as well, so they better take it seriously.  So, the next time you’re zipping down a wild and wacky waterslide, think about the many hours spent by someone to make it safe and fun!

Monsters Needed
Prior to Halloween, job fairs look for monsters and other talent to step in as actors or even behind-the-scenes positions including scenic and costume builders and technicians. So, if Halloween is your favorite holiday or you love to act, maybe this is a future job for you!

Steeplejacks work on towers, tall buildings, church spires, and other things way up there. They mainly repair or maintain the structure while staying balanced with whatever tools they need to use. This is classified as wild and wacky because of the danger involved.

There are many more wild and wacky jobs out there to read about, explore and entertain you.  Have fun finding one that you find interesting.

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