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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It’s our goal at Amazing Kids! to provide an online environment that is safe, as well as fun. We aim to provide a nurturing experience for kids of all ages. Below is our privacy policy, which we uphold with high standards and rigorous attention, to protect our users and provide a secure website.

What we collect

Occasionally, we may collect non-personally identifiable information regarding how users utilize our site, for research purposes and to enhance our users’ experience. We also collect information that users provide via our forms (eg. Support Form, Subscription Form, etc.); information collected via our forms is never used for any purpose other than that which is appropriated for the specific form. For example, information we collect for our PenPals program is used specifically to help us make appropriate pen pal matches for our members.

In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we never knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 without parental consent.

When we share it

We do not sell, share, or trade a user’s personal information with anyone outside of the Amazing Kids! organization. No exceptions.

Privacy Policy for Penpals

Amazing Kids! has a strict privacy and security policy for our PenPals program, which includes all of the above Privacy Policy Practices for our general website, as well as these more specific Privacy Practices for the Amazing Kids! PenPals program, below.

Once a potential match has been found for your child or student (a “match” is another child who is the same gender and age), we contact the parents, teachers or group leaders of both children. At this early stage, we provide each of them with contact phone numbers and email addresses only (no home or mailing addresses). This way, the parents, teachers, or group leaders may speak to each other first by phone, to see if it is good match for them. If they both agree, and their children or students are interested, the children may speak to each other as well by phone.

Only after both sets of parents, or the teachers or group leaders, agree that it is a good match do we then instruct them to exchange mailing addresses. If for any reason a parent, teacher or group leader is not satisfied with the potential match, we will find an alternate match for their child or student.

Finally, we instruct parents, teachers and group leaders to closely supervise the pen pal correspondence, and to read their children’s or students’ pen pal letters together with them, to help insure that the correspondence is appropriate for their child. We also ask that, the parents, teachers or group leaders help guide their children or students as they write their letters to their pen pals.

Please feel free to email with any questions regarding our Privacy and Security Policy.