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Changing the World One Word at a Time

By Sophie Nadel, Writer’s Tips Editor

There are many ways to make a difference in the world, such as volunteering at a charity organization, donating money, or even offering a smile to a passing stranger on the street.

March Issue 2019: Issue #127 – Overcoming Obstacles

This month’s theme is Overcoming Obstacles.

Cook Time with Logan – March 2019

By Logan Guleff, Cook Nook Columnist

Cook up a bunch of chicken wings and coat with this spicy hot sweet sauce and dip into ranch. 

Changing Direction

By Laney Riportella, age 14, Ohio

It was the day I had been dreading ever since I had been told the shocking news. It was the day where I vigorously packed up everything I had, knew, and loved, and threw it out the window.

Staff Q&A: What was an obstacle you faced and what did you learn from it?

By the Amazing Kids! Magazine Staff