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Staff Q&A: What do you regard as some of your greatest accomplishments?

By the Amazing Kids! Magazine Staff

The Bruised Shoe

By Haeon Lee, age 12, New York

The rough skyline glowed an old paper yellow that faded into a dreary bluish gray as heavy clouds watched over a bored, tired civilization. A patch of bumpy cement lay between the empty road and the old school.


By Paul Raj, age 10

My mother is the best,
The best there ever was!
She pushes me to my limits,
So that I can earn applause!

How Seasons Came to Be

By Lindell Smith Jr

Once upon a time, there were four children. None of the children knew each other, nor did they ever see each other.

May Issue 2019: Issue #129 – Sharing is Caring

This month’s theme is Sharing is Caring, which is about how you can give back to your community.