Amazing Kids! Magazine

February 2016: Issue #96 – Family Matters!

This issue is dedicated to stories about family and how family events and relationships have molded the subject’s direction in life.


By Alison Brewer, age 15, California

Home is where the heart is
And that is where it shall stay
Home is not the house you live in
But the people who live there with you

1×1 – Supergirl Soars To New Heights in the Pilot

By Sarina Patel, Jr. Assistant Editor and Comic Hub Co-Editor

With a league of sufficient actors, a promising transcript, and the required will of steel to power this show into superhero stardom; Supergirl is well on her way to taking flight.

Lake Julian

By Victoria Krylova, Nonfiction Editor
Tall trees swoop into the heavens
United at the top
Like a ring
An umbrella blocking out light

A Glimmer of Hope

By Jillian Teeters, age 14, Ohio

The pounding beneath my feet ran deep into the soft earth, rubbing the tender soles of my feet.


By Maria Murillo, age 15, California

India has one of the oldest cultures in the world. It goes back about 5,000 years, and is a largely diverse country with distinct cultures from different regions.