Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Olivia Gao, age 10, New York

I look out my window,
Seeing the whirly snowflakes
Swirl around in the cold winter air.

From Above

By Stella Rydahl-Kim, age 12, Colorado

From above I saw the Rocky Mountains
Sharp spears pointing up at me in the thousands
Sheep climb and watch me fly
The calming scene makes me deeply sigh

Light Painting

By Aryaman Sheth, Photography Editor

Light painting is a technique which was taught to me at a photography course I took in late May. They didn't show me how to do, just told me the way to do it.

Mutt on the Run

By Kate Duplantis, age 12, Louisiana

I raced from left to right, trying to escape the man chasing me. I feared I would not find shelter, but I dashed into a junkyard, hoping I would not be seen.

Cyrus Hall McCormick: An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer

Cyrus Hall McCormick is an amazing kid from history. He inspires us to test out every idea we have even if we are unsure about it because there is always room for improvement and to make our ideas better.

That They Differ

By KerriAnne Skidmore, age 12, Colorado

Amber eyes flicker as they gaze
Across the horizon
Seeing what others don’t