Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Tunnel

By Brandon Guevara, age 10, Ventura

Thick smoke covered the beachhead as Paul tightly gripped his rifle. Through the deafening noise of bombs and mortars exploding, he heard the commanding officer shouting, “Fifteen seconds, I’ll see you on the beach. God be with you!”

Riding on a Snowflake

By Naomi Ascenia Nash, age 7, England

One stormy night, there was a little girl called Naomi who slept peacefully in her bed. While she was sleeping, she had a very mysterious dream about a snow fairy.

The Mesmerizing View

By Aryaman Sheth, Photography Editor

My bedroom, a bright, vibrant room arranged with travel poster, footballer’s bobble-heads, snow globes, and other trinkets.

Ghost Children

By Blair Haft, age 12, Florida

On wet, breezy mornings
The ghost children come out to play
Swinging together on our old yellow swing