Amazing Kids! Magazine

Unleash Your Creative Spirit

By Aiza, age 13, Saudi Arabia

Let your imaginations soar
When you're feeling bored.
Grab a pen to scribble your ideas that have lit
In your mind, and then unleash your creative spirit.

Taxes and What You Should Know About Them

By Fatima Yousuf, Money Smarts Editor and Contributing Writer

When I was younger, I saved money to buy two necklaces for me and my best friend.

Fun in the Sun: America’s South Jersey

By Stella Prince, Nonfiction, AK Adventures, and Global Village Editor

From the very year I was born, South Jersey has been a part of me. Since both of my grandparents have lived in the area for many decades, my family has visited South Jersey yearly since 2004.

Empty Heart

By Midori Roungtakoun, age 11, California

It was the afternoon;
I saw a shadow
Looking like it was hugging the floor.

Your Words Make a Difference!

By Madisen Garcia, Contributing Writer

Words are what we use to convey emotion, thoughts, and interests. But sometimes we forget to use our words for good and instead use them for harm.

April Issue 2018: Issue #118 – Words That Change the World

This month, we acknowledge the power of our stories to influence others and initiate advocacy through our April theme, Words That Change the World.