Amazing Kids! Magazine

Your L.O.L. Submissions!

By Cassius Kapfer, age 17, Missouri

Here I sit behind a cloth shade,
Atop my metal pedestal.
Everyone needs me,
I make the world easier to see!

Book Review of Little Men

By Alicia Xin, age 13, New York

Nearly everyone has heard of the classic Little Women. Yet its sequel, Little Men, remains relatively unknown.


By Bella Grasso, age 16, California

“Not so hard sweetie!” Estelle cranes her neck as her granddaughter tries to bring the small plastic brush through her long, thinning, gray hair. 

Poem Party!

By Sophie Nadel, Writers Tips Editor

There are so many ways to write poetry, whether you are trying out an established form or making your own.

February Issue 2019: Issue #126 – Building Bridges

This month’s theme is Building Bridges, which could have two meanings: about constructing literal bridges or metaphorically creating bridges with those around you.

Childhood Memories

By Chloe Barnes, age 16, Missouri

A curly, black bush on top of my head
I was a curious one
With my small palms, I marked the ground with my presence
Just happy to be out along with Mother Nature