Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Last Race

By Carolyn Wolujewicz, age 13, Ohio

My whole body froze as I jumped into the water. My blood went cold, and my skin turned pale from the ice cold pool.

The Wonders of Community College

By Stella Prince, Nonfiction Editor

There are fourteen hundred and sixty two community colleges in the United States. Thirteen million people attend a community college.

The Spoon

By Katherine Wong, age 15, California

My skin
Gleaming silver and marked with fingerprints
I am strong

Changing the World One Word at a Time

By Sophie Nadel, Writer’s Tips Editor

There are many ways to make a difference in the world, such as volunteering at a charity organization, donating money, or even offering a smile to a passing stranger on the street.

March Issue 2019: Issue #127 – Overcoming Obstacles

This month’s theme is Overcoming Obstacles.

Cook Time with Logan – March 2019

By Logan Guleff, Cook Nook Columnist

Cook up a bunch of chicken wings and coat with this spicy hot sweet sauce and dip into ranch.