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Changing Direction

By Laney Riportella, age 14, Ohio

It was the day I had been dreading ever since I had been told the shocking news. It was the day where I vigorously packed up everything I had, knew, and loved, and threw it out the window.

Staff Q&A: What was an obstacle you faced and what did you learn from it?

By the Amazing Kids! Magazine Staff

Basketball Blues

By Sarah Comer

“Bounce” I was balanced on my toes bouncing the ball like a toy on springs. The air was cold and crisp.

Captain Marvel Breaks the Mold

By Sarina Patel, Jr. Assistant Editor and Comic Hub Editor

Given that Marvel plans out their movies years in advance, it is interesting to see the unconventional route they continue to undertake with each movie release.

Enter: Micro Plastics

By Caoimhe Hanretta, age 12, Illinois

What do turtle guts, human poop, fish insides, and flying insects all have in common? They have all, at some time, been found to have micro plastics in them.

Uninvited Guests: The Hidden Door

By Aidan Baird, age 11, California

“Sir! Someone has been stealing more Union arms and supplies!” Major Laurens said to Lieutenant Jefferson.