Amazing Kids! Magazine

Swedish Fish

By Hannah Safer-Brickman, age 16, California

One, two, three hours more.
The speed down the hall.

I Searched for the Sun but Could Not Find It and Settled on the Sky

By Sanja Greenawalt, age 11

I searched for the sun but could not find it and settled on the sky.
It was a brilliant, bright, blasting blue that shone throughout my eyes,
And I saw white puffs of dreamers’ dreams all the way up high.


By Joy Li

Pink layers the sky;
Orange blankets the clouds.
Yellow rises up and over the
Red that fills in the gaps.

Spirit Animal Haiku

By Emily Mandell, age 12, Virginia

Wolves, silent, not seen
Social but independent
Slightly impulsive

The Girl Across the Field

By Raphi Eidelman, grade 11

Recognizing the Angel
The light blinding
And the source of light
One hundred yards away

Through the Window

By Ethan Bloom, grade 10

There is a face in the window,
A bird peeping through,
And it began to chirp as the cold wind blew.