Amazing Kids! Magazine

Dancing Through the Storm

By Amy Richburg, age 16, Kentucky

Gray clouds gather in the fresh spring sky
Glaring down towards the shingled roofs of the city
Growling voice, sharp on glass windows

The Moon

By Reina Nowak, age 12, Michigan

Sparkling stars fill the sky,
But when I look up,
It’s not the sparkles that catch my eye.


By Lyla Cheary, age 11, New York

I feel myself get feelings
In my toes

The Moment After (Sequel to The Moment Before)

By Madeleine Delbridge

The moment after
Loud, chattery people
A quiet wake

The Moment Before

By Madeleine Delbridge

The moment before
Huge, shimmery, fluorescent stage
Heart pounding rapidly
Sweat trickling down my cheeks

The Spoon

By Katherine Wong, age 15, California

My skin
Gleaming silver and marked with fingerprints
I am strong