Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Leap of Faith

By Jake, age 14, California

The boy looks down into the earth
Mom and Dad crying
It is placed into the earth
His father throwing the dark, rocky dirt

The True Monsters

By Isha Agarwal, grade 6, Massachusetts

Majestic creatures with eyes gleaming with pride,
Always spreading their wings and letting the wind guide them,
Full of mystery and meaning, wisdom and hope,
Dragons are the epitome of true greatness.

Karate Mimics Life

By Daniela Santos, age 12, California

Karate mimics life
There’s many reasons why
Focus, strength, discipline
Hard work and listening

A Lovely Night

By Anirban Chakravarty, age 13, India

He gazed into the sky,
Looking at the stars and moon,
And he couldn’t fathom why
He couldn’t reach the stars soon.

Joy of Roses

By Aazan Ahmad, age 16, South Korea

The birth of a baby
Brings great joy,
Like the blooming of roses;

Flower Seeds and Fairy Magic

By Kathleen Thomas, age 14, Maine

Fallen angels
Tumbling through clouds and mists
Throwing a dappled pattern on the floor
Penetrating the murky ink of a mountain cave