Amazing Kids! Magazine

Childhood Memories

By Chloe Barnes, age 16, Missouri

A curly, black bush on top of my head
I was a curious one
With my small palms, I marked the ground with my presence
Just happy to be out along with Mother Nature

Time Itself

By Emilee Cooley, age 16, Missouri

A day only feels like a minute.
The weeks in a year only feel a snippet.
Time puts everyone on a limit.
I watch the time go by and my eyes tear.

The Fishing Boat

By Tatiana Rebecca Shrayer

On a cloudy Monday morning
bearded fathers with children
trekked to the docks,
carrying plastic buckets


By Katie Zhang

Don’t you know? A mother’s actions
echo love the way a cave echoes the cries
of lost travellers. My daughter,
even happiness is temporary. Don’t you know?

The Big Fight

By Shanmathi Ganesh

Tring tring ,tring the phone rang. Robert ran and grabbed the phone, “Hello, who is this?” said Robert.
The caller said” This is Rosa! Will it be possible to have a play date today?

Skies That Shine

By Ishita Uppadhayay

Hope is a powerful feeling, you know,
It’s beautiful and bright,
It’s the morning sun aglow.