Amazing Kids! Magazine

Protecting Nature

By Aaryan Gupta, age 11, India

Nature is a gift from earth;
Gold is nothing in front of its worth.

Starry Night

By Maryiam Syed, age 8, Nevada

One peaceful night while the calm breeze went by,
Sitting on the pavement, I looked up at the sky,
Where I could see the stars from all the way down.

Friends for Keeps

By Kendra Leigh Dolina Osias, age 10, Philippines

From the moment we met
I knew outright in my heart
That you will be the best friends I’ll get
Who will make each day the best yet

Spiritual Bell

By Madeline Slogoff, age 11, New York

Sizzle from the pan,
Coated in butter.

Just Me

By Cristal Garcia Martinez, age 11, California

Just me
Only me
I’m lonely as a cloud floating around


By Agrawal Vanshi, age 10, India

Love is an emotion
That can make a better nation.
Love is about caring;
To love, you have to be daring.